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miss earth 2011 Slovenia Rebecca Kim Lekse
Miss Earth 2011 Beauty Pageant
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Miss Slovenia

Rebecca Kim Lekse

Age: 20

Height: 170cm

Hometown: Valenje

Notes: Rebecca Kim Lekse competed in Miss Universe Slovenije 2010 contest. She was also the reigning Miss Casino Kongo 2011.

Environmental Views:

What environmental project will you create to promote the protection of Mother Earth and why?

This environmental project, for which I decided, based on the fact that the United Nations declared the year 2011 International Year of Forests with the motto "Forests for people." This is important to note all the countries and regions and international organizations of exceptional material, ecological and social importance of forests and learned to make a concerted effort for sustainable management of all forests. For this reason, I can focus on forests.

For the protection of forests, for each fallen tree, it would be necessary to plant a new tree, as well as I would put the emphasis on recycling of wood products. This would, of course, legally enforced. For all offenders, I would put a very high penalty. This profit would go into a special fund reserved for reforestation and for the benefit of the natural environment. Because I know that all trees, all green plants and forests in general provide the greatness of quality breath of oxygen and provides an opportunity for the operation of life processes, the existence of living beings in general. it is necessary to pay great attention to this. So I consider it of prime importance, since the restoration of forest cover create and maintain preserving the environment of ourselves and all living creatures!

What makes you proud of the country you are representing, and what can you promote about your country?

I am proud to represent my beautiful country which boasts of many natural and cultural beauty of this world. But most important are its peculiarities that make it so fascinating and different from other countries.

Slovenia lies at the heart of Europe. You can recognise Slovenia through images of the Alps and the Adriatic, the famous Karst and the Pannonian Plain. You can recognise it by the varied landscapes of its regions, which are all accessible to the visitor in a single day!. Situated at a cultural crossroads, Slovenia has always been a place of high artistic achievements. Arts and culture have had a special position in the history of the Slovenian nation and have compensated for the lack of its own state and political institutions in the past. A rich cultural life and far-reaching institutions, organisations, and cultural societies are comparable to the most developed European countries. The most charming and special thing Slovenia, you can experience amazing contrasts in the same day: a morning swim in the Adriatic, followed two hours later by skiing below Alpine peaks, then an adventurous discovery of Karst subterranean phenomena and an invigorating bath in a thermal spring; an encounter with history in a lively mediaeval city and, not far away, a more solitary stroll through primeval forests or undulating, winegrowing hills. I am proud to say, that today, forests cover nearly 60% of the entire Slovenian territory. Forests in Slovenia are rich in natural values. They are distinguished by a high biodiversity of animal and plant life. Due to the preserved forest Slovenia is one of the few European countries which are still found in the nature of the three large European predators: brown bear, wolf and lynx. Forests in Slovenia, in contrast with the trees in some European countries, the most important ecosystems, which contribute to the stability of the relationship between anthropogenic and natural environment in Slovenia. However, his invaluable contribution to the favorable state of the environment, although they are often not aware of this.

So far I've seen much of the world, and every piece of land on the planet has its own charm. so I am sure that, the very first step in Slovenia, you would be impressed and you certainly would not leave you indifferent. I wish and I will give all of myself that I will present my country and bring it closer to you as possible!

Describe your childhood/growing years.

I come from a larger town Velenje, Slovenia. Of great importance in my life is my family and people who are around me, because support of my family and nearby is important. As a child I had many responsibilities, school, art, sports. So I have always been very sociable person. As an excellent eight-year student, I am proud of all his other achievements that I have listed below the special achievements, so I was very busy in all areas. At such a young age I saw a lot of the world. Because of the father's occupation, it was possible that I could occasionally traveled with him. I also traveled a lot with my selected activities, sports and art. At young age I learned many new things about life in general. I saw the other countries with different culture and different environment. And I am very grateful for that.

What lessons did you learn from your childhood/growing years?

From my growing up period I learned a lot. During these years, I found my life motto, which I have already described under question 'what is my attitude towards success and failure'.

My living principle which I gained from my own experience is ''dream and live your dreams''! I've always worked on the fact that I was in every challenge the best! Of course there were some defeats, but I always insisted, with a lot of effort, to achieve my desired goal. I think it is necessary to respect your own failings, because it gives us strength on the road to success!

What is your most memorable moment?

My most memorable moment was winning the title Miss Earth Slovenia. It means a lot to me. This victory brought me visibility in the media. And precisely because of this I now have the opportunity to fight for the good of the environment, and people to spread awareness of the environment.

What is your environmental advocacy?

The restoration of forest cover create and maintain preserving the environment of ourselves and all living creatures!

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