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Miss Earth 2011 Beauty Pageant
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Miss France

Mathilde Florin

Age: 21

Height: 177cm

Hometown: Lille

Notes: Mathilde Florin competed at Miss World University 2011 contest. She was also the reigning Miss Earth France 2011.

Environmental Views:

What environmental project will you create to promote the protection of Mother Earth and why?

Today, 80 % of the human population lives in developing countries, where is also the biggest fraction of the biodiversity. In many countries, the local populations destroy these resources, because they have no other livelihood. The struggle against poverty and the improvement of the quality of life in these countries are essential to save the biodiversity. The conservation of the biodiversity, the environmental protection and the sustainable use of natural resources must be considered as essential conditions of the sustainable development in the help strategies for the development, what is not still ,regrettably, the case.

What makes you proud of the country you are representing, and what can you promote about your country?

Populated with 65,8 million inhabitants, France is in 2009 the fifth world economic power in the exchange rates of the Market. Its economy makes her one of the world leaders in the sectors of the food-processing industry, the Aeronautics, the automobile, the luxury items, the tourism and the nuclear power.

France possesses a big variety of landscapes, between agricultural or woody plains, more or less affected mountain Ranges, diversified coasts and valleys mixing cities and natural spaces.

Furthermore France possesses a rich architectural heritage, a witness of a long history and a meeting of various civilizational lines.

The French cooking is reappointed, in particular thanks to its numerous wines and cheeses and thanks to the high Gastronomy which it practices since the 18e century. Nevertheless, the French cooking is extremely varied, and is essentially constituted by regional specialties having conquered the whole French and world territory. To finish, France is all over the world recognized for its high sewing. In the world of the fashion, we are very proud to have of big creators as Givenchy, Jean-Paul Gaultier or Christian Dior.

Describe your childhood/growing years.

I was lucky during my childhood to live in big one family house surrounded with my parents, my two sisters and my brother. From 5 to 11 years old I practiced the gymnastics: activity which allows surpassing itself constantly. Then I decided (at 9 years old) to begin another sport which liked a lot since my youngest age: Horse riding!

After 3 years of practice in a club (at 12 years old), I wanted to have my own horse but my parents did not agree. Therefore, I began, alone, a procedure of horse adoption which was, accepted! My parents were thus very surprised and could only accept in front of all the will that I had to have my horse. Finally I had my horse and Thanks to this last one I acquired a lot of maturity and my childhood is a real pleasure.

What lessons did you learn from your childhood/growing years?

At 14 years old, hard event arose: my parents divorced. It was very hard for me because it was not a very peaceful divorce. Thus, I learnt that the life was not easy every time and that it was necessary to double effort to have suitable life. But I was lucky to learn also that in the life nothing is impossible with the adoption of my horse. Since this day, my favorite saying is: when you want, you can! Because of this fact, I do the best every day of myself to regret nothing.

What is your most memorable moment?

The most memorable moment, was that my parents meets with my whole family to support me during a very important competition in my life. Thanks to them I was able to look the best of myself, as usual, and I won this last one. My biggest pride this day was to have won the competition but also to have my two gathered parents. Another big moment also was the arrived of my horse; it is the memory which I can never forget.

What is your environmental advocacy?

In my opinion, the most important is to take care of Mother Earth by teaching, in the youngest, the good behavior to have. We have to reduce at all costs, our waste and our behavior, sometimes infantile and think about the others. The earth suffers; we must return to her what she has given us: the life.

We have to reduce our waste, our pollution and all things which make her suffer.For example, privilege recyclable packaging, electric cars and return to the creation of healthy products without some pesticides or artificial fertilizers. If everybody makes a small gesture and teach them to the youngest, Earth can continue to live.

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"To God be the Glory".