Mister Pakistan World 2011 winner is Moonzir Butt

mister pakistan world 2011 winner moonzir butt
The very first Mister Pakistan World 2011 pageant was held in Toronto, Canada and is organized by founder Sonia Ahmed. And the very handsome Moonzir Butt won the title.

Sonia Ahmed, Founder of the Miss Pakistan World, Mr. Pakistan World and Mrs. Pakistan World pageant stated that the Mr. Pakistan World pageant did a lot of good within the community as the Pakistani community as a whole started looking at the Miss Pakistan World pageant with equal importance. Ahmed said, “I think that when the community saw that the boys got involved, they felt that it became equal, and I guess that was the magic ingredient that I was missing when I started the Miss Pakistan World pageant.”

The Miss Pakistan World was under scrutiny when it first began but 9 years later, and with the inclusion of the male competition, the Pakistani community has both the Mr. Pakistan World as well as the Miss Pakistan World pageant under one roof!


"To God be the Glory".