Sophie Webster | Miss Wales 2010 Finalist

miss wales 2010 sophie webster
Miss Wales 2010 Beauty Pageant

Name: Sophie Webster
Age: 17
Hometown: Chepstow

Bio: I am 18 years old, and a student studying for my A levels in Religious Studies, Economics and Mathematics. My time at school has taught me many things, most of all, to never lose self confidence, because believing in yourself is what makes you stand out amongst the crowd. I aspire to become a role-model for those who may not always be the best at a particular task compared to others, but will never give up trying to achieve the best for themselves. It was an honour to win Miss Monmouthshire in February and to win Miss Wales would be a dream come true, but the experience so far has been an incredible one. Being able to be a part of a competition such as this is a privilege I believe everyone should make the most of, and I intend to do so firstly through raising money for the Joshua foundation. The foundation is a fantastic cause, illustrated by people's generosity whilst I have been collecting donations. This summer I will be joining four other students volunteering in Africa. A trip I am extremely looking forward to and one I hope will broaden my outlook further by experiencing such diverse cultures. 'Beauty with a purpose' is a fitting motto for the country of Wales and one I have come to put great thought into during my preparations for the competition. Wales is a country not only known for its history and beauty, but for it's pride too, which is why winning Miss Wales would not only be an honour, but a responsibility to which I would be ecstatic to give my all.

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"To God be the Glory".