Lyndsey Morgan | Miss Wales 2010 Finalist

miss wales 2010 lyndsey morgan
Miss Wales 2010 Beauty Pageant

Name: Lyndsey Morgan
Age: 23
Hometown: Blackwood

Bio: I joined the Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps in 2005. Moving homes and dropping out of school because of bullying left me with no qualifications. This meant my options were limited. I went to college to train in ballet and jazz and worked as a dancer but I needed to be realistic. Then my crazy idea to join the army turned out to be something that I’d enjoy. In 2008 I served a tour to Afghanistan, reality hit! But I was impressed with myself in how I quickly adapted to the types of injuries. Joining the army and becoming part of a nursing team both in the NHS and military left me with great satisfaction. Not only have I become a respected member of the team, I also compete in sporting events such as cross-country and athletics. I am a very keen fundraiser and use sports to my advantage and take part in every charity event possible. My aim, at present is to enhance my education and further develop my career options. Outside the military, I would like to be crowned Miss Wales 2010 to not only promote the Joshua Foundation but to show that there is beauty underneath my combats. I’m a trained soldier, a trained health professional and a finalist in a beauty pageant. I want to make a difference!

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"To God be the Glory".