Maia Leola Cynthia Blackman | Miss Barbados World 2010 Candidate

miss barbados world 2010 maia leola cynthia blackman

Miss Barbados World 2010 Beauty Pageant

Name: Maia Leola Cynthia Blackman
Age: 22
Statistics: 36 - 24 - 38
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 128 lbs

Educational Background: St. Winifred’s Primary School,Harrison College,University of the West Indies (Mona)

Occupation: Medical student, on a year’s hiatus. Currently involved in the research with the Primate Research Centre of Barbados

Aspiration: There are so many things I want to do that it seems almost impossible to list, I want to specialize in either Psychiatry or Plastic Surgery, further pursue my passion for research and hopefully me fortunate enough to end up in politics where I know that I can be of great service to my country.

Philosophy: Life, like yoga teaches you flexibility; bend but don’t break. The only thing in life you should chase without abandon is happiness- remember that if who you are is what you have, and what you have is lost, then who are you? Allow the path your life follows to vary, but maintain the positivity in your presence at all times, the greatest contribution you can make to the world often is one you haven’t considered; and the best things in life happen when we just let life happen.

Hobbies: Running, squash, cooking, scuba diving, writing and travelling.

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"To God be the Glory".