Mr. Bosnia & Herzegovina, Dejan Radovic - Mister World 2010 Candidates

mr. mister world 2010 bosnia and herzegovina dejan radovicMr. World 2010 Male Beauty Pageant

Mister Bosnia & Herzegovina
Dejan Radovic

Age: 27

Height: 6'2.5"

Languages: Bosnian & English

Hometown: Sarajevo

Dejan is a keen sportsman and played professional basketball for six years. He was also part of the pop band ‘Erato’, once performing in a concert to 16,000 people. He cites “Carpe Diem” as his personal motto.

How are you preparing for Mr World in Korea?
I am having sport activities on a daily base. That includes going to gym and practicing water-polo. Its been a year since I have started to play water-polo. Previously I played basketball for 6 years and handball for 3. That’s about physical condition, mentally I am hundred percent ready.

Do you have a daily routine?
Certainly, despite of sports that I have mentioned, there is a lot of other activities. I could say that I am nimble.

What is your biggest talent?
I could say that I am really talented for several sports and dancing also. When I won Bosnian Mr. competition Ive been playing African Bongos, a kind of drum which I cannot bring to South Korea.

What’s your best quality?
I don’t like to talk about myself but if I have to here it is: Honesty, bounty, good team player, I make decisions on my own, headstrong.

What’s the one thing you cannot live without?
Its love, the only thing.

Favourite landmark?
There are 2 important moments : The end of the war in my country in 1995, and when I have graduete in 2008.

Favorite film?
Legends of the Fall

Favorite Sports Car?

mr. mister world 2010 bosnia and herzegovina dejan radovicmr. mister world 2010 bosnia and herzegovina dejan radovic

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