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Merita Memisi
Age: 23
Hometown: London

BIO: My family and I moved to England in 1991 from Bosnia as a result of the Balkan conflict, and have lived in London ever since. I love to be on the move and enjoy travelling. Last summer I spent a few months travelling across Europe, crossing twelve borders to reach Turkey, without experiencing too many wrong turns! Being from the Balkans I come from a very diverse ethnic mix and am fortunate enough to be multilingual. In an attempt to expand my knowledge, I gained a degree in Geography and am working toward an MSc in Economics. I love to paint; for me it is the greatest means of self-expression and do so whenever I can. I have a black belt in Karate, which is always handy! I have competed at the dojo and have a few trophies to my name, though they didn’t come too easily. I feel that Miss Universe GB 2010 is the first step in a lifelong journey and feel fortunate to have made it this far. I look forward to the experience ahead.

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"To God be the Glory".