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Miss Uruguay

Belen Sogliano

Age: 18

Height: 1.71m

Hometown: MonteVideo

Language(s): Spanish and English

Notes: Belen Sogliano was crowned Miss Mundo Uruguay 2011 during the Miss Uruguay 2011 beauty competition.

Belén hopes to complete a degree in media and communication so that she can achieve her dream of leading her own television programme. Her hobbies include: singing, dancing, acting, reading and handball. Belén describes herself as honest, fun, responsible and ambitious.

Tell us a little something about your Country ?
We are a small country rich in natural resources. We have beautiful scenery and white sand shores of historic places to visit.

Future ambitions ?
I would like to finish my degree with excellent grades and pursue a career in television.

Describe yourself
I am honest, fun, responsible and ambitious.

Personal Motto?
“Pesige tus metas y las alcanzaras.”

Favourite food ?
Pasta, salad and ice cream.

Favourite Music / Books ?
Music: Arjona, Rihanna, Luis Fonsi Books: “Misterio en el Cabo Polonio” de Helen Velando

Do you have any pets?
Fish and a dog.

What is the proudest moment of your life or most memorable day?
The first time I won a contest bellesa.

Special Talents ?
Parades, acting.

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