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Miss Japan

Midori Tanaka

Age: 22

Height: 1.70m

Hometown: Okayama

Language(s): Japanese & English

Notes: Midori Tanaka was crowned Miss World Japan 2011 during the Miss World Japan 2011 beauty competition.

Midori’s hobbies include: taking photos, watching movies with friends and yoga. She can also play the piano and a traditional Japanese instrument called the Tsugaru Shamisen. Midori enjoys spending time with her family and three dogs.

Tell us a little something about your Country ?
In Japan we have such beautiful nature. Spring is the best season to travel to Japan. You can see beautiful cherry trees blossom. It is important for us to treasure our tradition and develop the modern culture.

Future ambitions ?
I would like to convey the Japanese culture and tradition.

Describe yourself
I am a positive person and I also curious about everything. I like talking to people.

Personal Motto?
Trust other people but trust yourself more.

Favourite food ?
I love all Japanese food, especially sushi. I like healthy food.

Favourite Music / Books ?
I like classical music: Chopin and Nocturne. My favourite book is the Japanese ‘Neverland’ by a Japanese author. It is a good story about friendship and trust.

Do you have any pets?
I have three dogs.

What is the proudest moment of your life or most memorable day?
After winning my national contest, I went to Germany to visit my sister and from there we travelled to Italy and Switzerland together.

Special Talents ?
I can play the Japanese Tsugaru-Jamisen (traditional Japanese three-stringed instrument).

Any other interesting facts ?
I like visiting museums.

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