Sports Competition of Miss World 2011

Last October 22, the contestants of Miss World 2011 went to a sports try-out for the sports fast track event.

The sport’s tryouts consisted of push-ups, chair leg lifts, sit-ups and more, all of which were timed at intervals of 30 seconds, where the girls were required to do as many as they could in that time. Jogging and stretching were also required before and after the event, ensuring that the girls were properly warmed up and cooled down.

miss world 2011 sports try out audition
Miss Germany (Sabrina-Nathalie Reitz), Miss Panama (Irene Nunez) and Miss Mexico (Gabriela Palacio)

miss world 2011 sports try out audition
Miss Guam (Siera Robertson)

miss world 2011 sports try out audition
Miss Honduras (Beatriz Ochoa), Miss Uruguay (Belen Sogliano) and Miss Botswana (Karabo Sampson)

miss world 2011 sports try out audition
Miss Nigeria (Sylvia Nduka)

miss world 2011 sports try out audition
Miss Panama (Irene Nunez)

The selected sports finalists that were chosen from the try-out were into 4 groups:

* Miss Australia, Amber Greasley
* Miss Bahamas, Sasha Joyce
* Miss Bolivia, Yohana Vaca
* Miss Bonaire, Benazir Charles
* Miss Canada, Riza Santos
* Miss Chile, Gabriela Pulgar

* Miss Botswana, Karabo Sampson
* Miss Czech Republic, Denisa Domanska
* Miss Denmark, Maya Padillo Olesen
* Miss Dominican Republic, Marianly Tejada
* Miss Guatemala, Lourdes Figueroa
* Miss Hungary, Linda Szunai

* Miss Jamaica, Danielle Crosskill
* Miss Latvia, Alise Miškovska
* Miss Lithuania, Ieva Gervinskaite
* Miss Panama, Irene Nuñez
* Miss Paraguay, Nicole Huber
* Miss Portugal, Barbara Franco

* Miss Puerto Rico, Amanda Vilanova
* Miss Scotland, Jennifer Reoch
* Miss Singapore, May Hsu
* Miss Sweden, Nicoline Artursson
* Miss Trinidad & Tobago, Lee-Ann Forbes
* Miss Uganda, Sylvia Namutebi

And the Group 3 was the winning group for the sports competition. This year, no individual winner was announced. The members of Group 3 will have accumulating points that will be added to their scores for the finals of Miss World 2011.

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