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Miss Iceland

Sigrun Eva Armannsdottir

Age: 18

Height: 1.80m

Hometown: Akranes

Language(s): Icelandic, Danish, English & German

Notes: Sigrun Eva Armannsdottir is the reigning Ungfru Island 2011.

Sigrun, a high school student, is currently studying for her second degree in piano. Sigrun speaks Icelandic, Danish, English and German. Hobbies include: swimming, travelling, drawing and singing. Sigrun’s future ambition is to become a doctor.

Tell us a little something about your Country ?
In my hometown, Akranes, there are approximately 6000 people. Also known as the town of soccer.

Future ambitions ?
I would like to be a medical doctor and specialise in plastic surgery.

Describe yourself
I am a tall, kind 18 year old girl that loves being around her family. I enjoy camping and travelling abroad.

Personal Motto?
Gaes. Translated it means can, will, shall. I can do it, I will do it and I shall do it.

Favourite food ?
Everything that my mother cooks.

Favourite Music / Books ?
Lady Gaga is one of my favourite artists. My favourite book is 'Korkusaga' by Vilborg Daviosdottir.

Do you have any pets?
Yes, I have a dog named Tinna, she is a Labrador.

What is the proudest moment of your life or most memorable day?
The first day of school. My friend and I were given permission to walk to school. We met a cat on the way to school and decided to give the cat our tuna sandwiches for lunch.

Special Talents ?
I’m good at drawing, painting and swimming.
I really enjoy jeep tours on glaciers in Iceland and just the environment in general.

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"To God be the Glory".