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Miss Belarus

Anastasia Harlanova

Age: 21

Height: 1.76m

Hometown: Gomel

Language(s): Belarusian, Russian & English

Notes: Anastasia Harlanova is the 1st run-up in Miss Belarus 2010 beauty contest.

Anastasiya studies mechanical engineering at University and hopes to one day create a charitable foundation to help children with leukaemia. Her hobbies include: painting, singing, crafts, playing the piano and volleyball. Anastasiya has a very small family, she is extremely close to her mother who has continued to support her with every decision.

Tell us a little something about your Country ?
Belarus is the most remarkable country in the world. It is full of good, responsive, nice and open people. We have a wonderful nature, a rich history and many attractions.

Future ambitions ?
I want to create a charitable foundation to help children with leukaemia. Hopefully Miss World will give an impetus to implement this.

Describe yourself
I am an open and friendly person. I love music, travelling and meeting new people.

Personal Motto?
Per aspera ad astra (to the stars through difficulties).

Favourite food ?
I love pizza, cabbage rolls and shish kebabs, potato pancakes, Belarusian dishes, cottage cheese, fruits and vegetables.

Favourite Music / Books ?
My favourite composers are Beethoven and Mozart. My favourite book is ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

What is the proudest moment of your life or most memorable day?
My most memorable time was spending a week in Disneyland, Paris.

Special Talents ?
My ability to play the piano.

Any other interesting facts ?
I shot the calendar for the largest enterprise in the country, Belaruskali. We had to descend into the mines with the miners.

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