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Miss Poland

Angelika Ogryzek

Age: 19

Height: 1.76m

Hometown: Szczecin

Language(s): Polish, English & German

Notes: Angelika Ogryzek is the reigning Miss Polski 2011.

Angelika is studying for her degree in Law and aspires to become an international lawyer. Her hobbies include: swimming, rollerblading and dancing. Angelika hopes to learn Latin dance in the near future. She describes herself as a loyal, sociable and ambitious person.

Tell us a little something about your Country ?
Poland is located between the Baltic Sea and the mountains. There are many beautiful landscapes worth seeing. My hometown, Szczecin, is brimming with life and events.

Future ambitions ?
I intend to become a lawyer and my dream is to travel all over the world and learn at least two more languages.

Describe yourself
I am loyal, ambitious and a sociable person. I believe I am courageous because I like taking up new challenges.

Personal Motto?
Say what you mean, mean what you say, and do what you promise to do.

Favourite food ?
I am the follower of healthy nutrition which is why I eat plenty of fruit and vegetables.

Favourite Music / Books ?
I enjoy reading detective stories because unravelling mysteries fascinates me.

Do you have any pets?
Yes, I have a cat called Niunia and a rabbit. They enjoy playing together.

What is the proudest moment of your life or most memorable day?
The most memorable day is the day my parents told me I would have a baby brother.

Special Talents ?
I am a good swimmer and can easily learn foreign languages and mathematics.

Any other interesting facts ?
I used to practise swimming and took part in Polish championships.

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