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Miss Latvia

Alise Miskovska

Age: 23

Height: 1.74m

Hometown: Daugavpils

Language(s): Latvian, Russian & English

Alisa has a bachelor degree in Education and Sport Management. She currently teaches sport and figure skating to children and hopes to organise sporting events for charity in the near future. Hobbies: all types of dance, choreography and snowboarding.

Tell us a little something about your Country ?
There are a few beautiful and wonderful countries on the shores of the Baltic Sea; one of these is Latvia.

Future ambitions ?
To become a famous figure skating coach like Nicolay Morozov.

Describe yourself
In three words: sensitive, strong-willed and thorough.

Personal Motto?
It is impossible to win once in all life, it is necessary to win every day.

Favourite food ?
Healthy, nutritious food. Sea food and fresh juices.

Favourite Music / Books ?
Classical music in modern adaptation.

Do you have any pets ?
Yes, I have two Yorkshire Terriers: Vitney Cornelia Courtney and Rihanna Complimentra.

What is the proudest moment of your life or most memorable day?
My proudest moment was when I received my ice skating coaching degree.

Special Talents ?
Figure skating, working with children and choreographing performances.

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