Danielle Salamouny (Lebanon) wins World Supermodel 2011

miss world supermodel 2011 winner lebanon danielle salamouny
photo right: Danielle Salamouny

22 year old Miss Lebanon, Danielle Salamouny was crowned the World Supermodel 2011 competition held Fiji last September 30. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Advertising and Marketing in her country.

“I am so happy to be the winner of this pageant. This calls for a double celebration for me. I prayed every night to win, and God has answered my prayers,” she said.

miss world supermodel 2011 first runner up philippines brenna gamboa
1st run-up: Miss Philippines, Brenna Gamboa

World Supermodel 2011 Complete Results:
* Winner – Miss Teen Supermodel: Miss South Pacific, Mikaela Swamy
* Winner – Miss World Superrmodel: Miss Lebanon, Danielle Salamlouny.
* The first runner-Up: Miss Phillipines, Brenna Gamboa
* The second Runner-Up: Miss Australia, Casey Newport

Special Awards:
* Best Evening Gown: Miss Phillipines, Brenna Gamboa
* Best Swimwear: Miss South Pacific, Mikaela Swamy
* Miss Congeniality: Miss France, Emily O’Shea
* Miss Photogenic: Miss Lebanon, Danielle Salamouny


"To God be the Glory".