Ina - dethroned! Gabriela Vasileva - the new Miss Bulgaria 2012

New Miss Bulgaria 2012 winner Gabriela Valerieva Vasileva Ina Mancheva dethroned
The organizers of Miss Bulgaria pageant have dethroned Ina Mancheva after it was found out that a hacker attack had manipulated the online vote of the audience.

The new Miss Bulgaria 2012 is now the 1st run-up, Gabriela Valerieva Vasileva.

The audience vote counted as 3 points, but the check of the organizers revealed manipulation and showed that Vassileva was actually one point ahead of Mancheva.

The votes for Mancheva had come in large numbers from some very strange places such as Bangladesh and Pakistan, the judges says, admitting their own mistakes and confirming that they will close the online vote in next year's competition.

"The decision is hurting my self-esteem, but made me wiser... This pageant must be honest. I wish Gabriela luck at the Miss World contest. I feel offended because results had to be checked earlier", Ina confessed.

Gabriela Vassileva will now the official entry of Bulgaria in Miss World 2012 pageant.

* Crowning of Ina Mancheva

* Photo courtesy of Times of Beauty


"To God be the Glory".