Andy Derleth of New Zealand wins Mr. Gay World 2012

Mr Mister Gay World 2012 winner New Zealand Andreas Andy Derleth
Last April 8, the 4th annual Mr. Gay World competition was held in Lyric Theatre, Gold Reef City. And the handsome Mister New Zealand, Andreas Derleth was declared as this year's grand winner. He will continue to carry on the vision and mission of the organization that seeks to fight the discrimination and stigma faced by the gay community in many countries today. Mr. Gay World empowers and raises the visibility of optimistic gay men in a constructive dialogue with our fellow citizens.

Andreas works as a operations project manager of Warehouse Stationery in New Zealand. He has a Bachelor degree in business management. Andy has a passion for travel and sports and participated in the 2nd Asia-Pacific Outgames and is very excited to be going to Antwerp next year for the world Outgames. He has a long term relationship and on the 11-11-11 he entered in a same-sex civil union in New Zealand.


* Mr. Gay World 2012: New Zealand, Andreas Derleth

* 1st run-up: South Africa, Lance Weyer

* 2nd run-up: France, Remy Frejaville

* 3rd run-up: USA, Kevin Scott Power

* 4th run-up: Netherlands, Thom Goderie


* Mr. Gay Swimwear: New Zealand, Andreas Derleth

* Sports Challenge: New Zealand, Andreas Derleth

* Best Interview Challenge: New Zealand, Andreas Derleth

* Mr. Gay Formal wear: Netherlands, Thom Goderie

* Mr. Gay Congeniality: Netherlands, Thom Goderie

* Mr. Gay People’s Choice Award: Philippines, Carlito Floro Rosadino Jr.

* Mr. Gay National Costume: Philippines, Carlito Floro Rosadino Jr.

* Mr. Gay Photogenic: Argentina, Gonzalo Enrique Bagalor

* Mr. Gay Outreach: Czech Republic, Tomas Fryda

* Top Score in the MGW Written Exam – South Africa, Lance Weyer

* 2012 Eric Butter Philanthropy Award: Coenie Kukkuk


"To God be the Glory".