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Mr. Piaui
Name: Ygor Siliati
Age: 25
Height: 1.93 m
Hair: dark brown
Eyes: brown
Occupation: Model and student
Languages: Portuguese
Perfume: Polo Black
TV: All about football

The representative of Piaui, Ygor Siliati, is one of the candidates of the tallest competition this year: 1.93m tall Ygor admits that his favorite pastime is eating. To keep in shape and burn calories, Mister PiauĂ­ anything regularly. "I confess that my metabolism also helps," jokes the model of 25 years living in Sao Paulo.

Mister Piaui has a dream: to know Fernando de Noronha. It's passionate about football, those who do not lose a program on the championship round last weekend. Possess special talent to create all kinds of drinks: "Who usually approves proof," says Ygor Siliati, with no modesty.

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