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Mr. Maranhao
Name: Erico Oliveira Mouchreck
Age: 18
Height: 1.81 m
Hair: blond
Eyes: brown
Occupation: students out of Business Administration (UFMA)
Languages: Portuguese
Perfume: Polo Ralph Lauren
TV: Programa do Jô

Student of Business Administration at the Federal University of Maranhao, Erico Oliveira Mouchreck is the Mister Maranhao 2010. Born in Sao Luís, Maranhao, the candidate likes to go to the beach on weekends, where he plays beach volleyball with friends. During the week, Mister Maranhao does weight training and playing soccer to stay in shape.

Erico Oliveira Mouchreck invites everyone to know St. Louis, especially the old town and beautiful beaches. He also highlights the local cuisine, especially the rice cuxa, Maranhao dish that he said, the tourist can not fail to try!

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