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Mr. Rio Grande do Norte
Name: Jussie Dantas
Age: 22
Height: 1.75 m
Hair: brown
Eyes: dark brown
Occupation: computer technician course
Languages: Portuguese
Perfume: 212 Sexy Men - Carolina Herrera
TV: Globo Esporte

Born in Niteroi, City nationally known for its delicacies and the third largest carnival in the Northeast, Jussie Dantas attends computer and want to provide competition to work for Petrobras. Mister Rio Grande do Norte retains its shape by swimming, lifting weights, and dancing ballads.

In view of Jussie Dantas, the actor Rodrigo Santoro is an excellent representative of our country abroad. If elected Mister Brazil, Mister Rio Grande do Norte want to know Athens, Greece, a dream nurtured since childhood.

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