Highlights of Miss Universe 2009 Preliminary Competition

Miss Universe 2009 Preliminary Competition / Presentation Show was held on August 16 at Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas. The show was hosted by Bahamas Local radio personality Ed Fields and Miss Universe 2008, Dayana Mendoza.

All candidates walk the ramp wearing their own Evening Gowns and Swimsuits provided by BCS Swimwear and footwear by NINA Shoes. Crowd's favorite or the most applauded candidates were:
* Miss Colombia (Michelle Rouillard)
* Miss Canada (Mariana Valente)
* Miss Bahamas (Kiara Sherman)
* Miss Australia (Rachael Finch)
* Miss Czech Republic (Iveta Lutovska)
* Miss India (Ekta Chowdhry)
* Miss Dominican Republic (Ada Aimee dela Cruz)
* Miss France (Chloe Mortaud)
* Miss Jamaica (Carolyn Yapp)
* Miss Mexico (Karla Maria Carillo)
* Miss Netherlands (Avalon Chanel Weyzig)
* Miss Philippines (Pamela Bianca Manalo)
* Miss South Africa (Tatum Keshwar)
* Miss Turks & Caicos (Jewel Selver)
* Miss Ukraine (Kristina Koz Gotlib)
* Miss USA (Kristen Dalton)
* Miss Venezuela (Stefania Fernandez)
* Miss Zambia (Andella Chileshe Matthews

Supreme Beauty's choices for the best in both Evening Gown and Swimsuit in each zone:
North America:
Miss USA (Kristen Dalton) superb catwalk skills, beautiful face and body and Miss Canada (Mariana Valente), sexy body and crowd favorite.

Central America:
Miss Mexico (Karla Maria Carillo), the Supreme Beauty's choice for Miss Universe 2009. Beautiful face, hair, sexy body, great walk and good stage presence. Miss Guatemala (Lourdes Figueroa) also rocked the presentation show.

South America:
As expected, Miss Venezuela (Stefania Fernandez) will do great. But Venezuela is better in swimsuit than in evening gown competition. Miss Paraguay (Mareike Baumgarten) also did nice job.

Both Miss Puerto Rico (Mayra Matos Perez) got the look, great stage presence and catwalk skills. Miss Dominican Republic (Ada Aimee dela Cruz) also did great specially in the swimsuit competition. But her evening gown might quite loose her chances, but she carried it very well, so we think she'll be up there in the finals.

No questions about the African contestants, Miss South Africa (Tatum Keshwar) and Miss Zambia (Andella Chileshe Matthews both rocked the night.

Good to see the black Miss France (Chloe Mortaud) doing it very well, also Miss Ukraine (Kristina Koz Gotlib) with her fabulous hair. But we think the best in Europe is Miss Czech Republic (Iveta Lutovska) and Miss Russia (Sofia Rudieva), no questions asked.

Surprise, Miss Philippines (Pamela Bianca Manalo) did very well, although her choice of gown might be her downfall, but she also carried it well with poise. Miss Australia (Rachael Finch) was excellent in both swimsuit and evening gown. She is one of the best performance that night.

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