Miss Universe / Universo Paraguay 2009 is Mareike Baumgarten

Miss Universe Paraguay 2009 or locally known as Miss Universo Paraguay 2009 Contest was held on July 11 in Asuncion, Paraguay. The winner is Mareike Baumgarten. She will represent the country at the Miss Universe 2009 Beauty Pageant on August 23 to be held in Nassau, Bahamas.

Close to the title of Miss Universe Paraguay 2009 / Miss Universo Paraguay 2009 is the 1st run-up, Tamara Sosa. She will compete in Johannesburg, South Africa for the Miss World 2009 Competition this coming December 12.

Representing Paraguay on Miss International 2009 Contest to be held in the Macau , China is the 2nd run-up, Romina Bogado.

3rd run-up title, Carmen Valdivieso will travel to the Philippines to compete for the Miss Earth 2009 Pageant.

Named as the 4th run-up is Diana Cubilla Lee.

Completing the top 10 finalists are Liza Olmedo, Maria Jose Saccarello, Rossana Fretes, Sheila Caballero and Berna Barreto.

Special Awards:
* Daiana Cubilla Lee (Mejor Silueta , Miss Elegancia, Mejor Pelo);
* Carmen Valdivieso (Chica Aerosur y Mejor Piel)
* Mareike Baumgarten (Mejor Sonrisa)
* Shirley Torres (Miss Fotogenia / Photogenic)
* RocĂ­o Segovia (Miss Simpatia)
* Tamara Sosa (Mejor Rostro)

More photo of Mareike Baumgarten, Miss Universe Paraguay 2009 / Miss Universo Paraguay 2009:

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