Crowning of the new Miss Venezuela 2008

The evening start with a fabolous opening presentation with the delegates wearing white gown with style like the gown of Dayana Mendoza at last year's Miss Venezuela Beauty Pageant. The delegates were singing "Mac Arthur Park" and the traditional Miss Venezuela song "A wonderful day like today".
Then after presenting all the 28 candidates, the special awards were given. Miss Photogenic is Miss Sucre Natasha Dominguez, she is voted by the press reporters. Miss Internet who is voted by the viewers is Miss Dependencias Federales Dayana Borges. And Miss Amistad or Miss Congeniality who is voted by her fellow candidates is Miss Apure Adahisa Pena.

The celebrity panel of judges was introduced, some of them includes Ly Jonaitis, Miss Venezuela 2006 and Miss Universe 2007 2nd run-up and Veruska Ramirez, Miss Venezuela 1997 and Miss Universe 1998 2nd run-up. Then all the 28 contestants one by one in the swimsuit competition.
After a few more guest performance, the evening gown competition followed.

By giving Venezuela the 5th crown of Miss Universe, Dayana Mendoza, the reigning Miss Venezuela 2007 and Miss Universe 2008 recieves a tribute and appreciation by fellow Venezuelans.

Then, the Miss Venezuela 2008 Beauty Contest Top 10 Semi-Finalists are revealed. They will be competing in interview competition. But before announcing, the best gown designer was given to Gionni Straccia for Miss Monagas, Laksmi Rodriguez de la Sierra.

Miss Venezuela 2008 Beauty Pageant Top 10 Semi-Finalists:
01. Miss Aragua (Ligia Elena Hernandez Frias)
02. Miss Miranda (Viviana Lisbeth Ramos Puma)
03. Miss Carabobo (Gabriela Nidioska Concepcion Guzman)
04. Miss Trujillo (Stefania Fernandez Krupij)
05. Miss Portuguesa (Veronica Susana Arcay Andrade)
06. Miss Anzoategui (Maria Milagros Veliz Pinto)
07. Miss Tachira (Jennipher Bortolas Vargas)
08. Miss Monagas (Laksmi Rodriguez de la Sierra)
09. Miss Amazonas (Elia Karina Rivero Molnar)
10. Miss Sucre (Natasha Alexandra Dominguez Boscan)

After the Top 10 Semi-Final Competition, the announcing of the Miss Venezuela 2008 Top 5 Finalists. They will be ranked according to the over-all impression through out the whole competition. The Top 5 are:
01. Miss Sucre (Natasha Alexandra Dominguez Boscan)
02. Miss Carabobo (Gabriela Nidioska Concepcion Guzman)
03. Miss Anzoategui (Maria Milagros Veliz Pinto)
04. Miss Trujillo (Stefania Fernandez Krupij)
05. Miss Monagas (Veronica Susana Arcay Andrade)

After minutes of waiting for the results, the awarding finally comes. The 2nd runner-up goes to Miss Carabobo, Gabriela Nidioska Concepcion Guzman. She is from Puerto Cabello. An 18 years old stunner and stands 180cm. tall.

The 1st runner-up title was given to the lovely Miss Sucre, Natasha Alexandra Dominguez Boscan. She is an 18 year old native of Caracas and stands 173cm. tall.

The title of Miss Venezuela International 2008 was given to the 22 year-old Miss Monagas, Veronica Susana Arcay Andrade. She stands 178cm. tall and her hometown is San Cristobal. She will be the representative of Venezuela at the Miss International 2009 Beauty Pageant.

Declared as the Miss Venezuela Mundo or Miss Venezuela World which will represent the country at the Miss World 2009 Beauty Contest is Miss Anzoategui, Maria Milagros Veliz Pinto. She is a native of Valencia. 25 years of age and stands 178cm. tall.

And finally the successor of Miss Universe 2008 Miss Venezuela 2007 Dayana Mendoza, the title of Miss Venezuela Universe or locally called as Miss Venezuela Universo was won by the 18 years old Miss Trujillo, Stefania Fernandez Krupij. Her hometown is from Merida. She stands tall 177cm. Stefania will be representing her country next year in Miss Universe 2009 Beauty Pageant.

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"To God be the Glory".