Chloe Mortaud was elected as Miss France 2009

Representing Albigeois Midi Pyrenees, Chloe Mortaud won the 62nd Miss France Beauty Pageant. She will represent her country at the Miss Universe 2009 and Miss World 2009 Contests. The 1st run-up is Miss Lorraine (Camille Cheyere) who will compete at Miss International 2009 Pageant. 2nd run-up is Miss Pays de Loire (Elodie Martineau), while Miss Mayotte (Born Esthel) is the 3rd run-up and Miss Bretagne, Biance Taillard is the 4th run-up.

Other semi-finalists are:
* Berry Loire Valley (Aline Moreau)
* Guadelope (Rebecca Erivan)
* Limousin (Chloe Certoux)
* Normandy (Johanna Moreau)
* Poitou Charentes (Mathilde Muller)
* Reunion (Delphine Courteaud)
* Rhone - Alpes (Armonie Jenton)



"To God be the Glory".