Miss Universe 2009 Candidates Pre-tape the Opening Number

Morning of August 12, the candidates (view: A-D / E-I / J-Q / R-Z) competing in Miss Universe 2009 pageant slipped into their bikinis and put on their best smiles to pre-tape what is going to be the telecast opener. A helicopter circled all over the resort, to get video footage of the delegates showing the beauties of the Bahamian beaches.

Dayana Mendoza, Miss Universe 2008 was also the star of this segment, as she welcomes the audience to see the show from the famous Bridge Suite, currenly one of the most expensive suites in the world: US $25,000.00 a night!

As it usually happens in this kind of events, the recording took longer than expected and the scorching sun affected about 10 contestants who succumbed to the effects of the weather.


"To God be the Glory".