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miss philippines earth 2011 municipality of labo rhizsa jerrika bravo

Miss Philippines Earth 2011 Beauty Pageant
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Miss Municipality of Labo, Camarines Norte
Rhizsa Jerrika Bravo

Age: 20
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 132lbs
Vital Statistics: 36-27-36

Reminiscing my childhood growing up years is something that I will always treasure in my lifetime. With vivid colors, I still remember my childhood days because it was full of fun and excitement, not just for me but for my little brother as well. Together, with our parents we spent our free time at the park and the zoo, enjoying every single moment we have as family. I am thankful that at an early age my parents have given me the opportunity to see other countries and local tourist destinations as well. During those foundation years of my existence, I already knew how to respect, appreciate and value God's creation. Furthermore, every summer vacation I always look forward to visiting my family members on both sides of my clan and create the so called family bond that we have. I enjoy the laughter and giggling I had with my cousins as we play and frolic around my Grandparents farm in the province.

With all of these wonderful experiences I had during my growing up years, I intend and will surely pass on the practices and traditions we have to my future children and the generations to come.

Great values are innate and learned during our formative years, I am so thankful to my parents that they have inculcated in mind, how to be respectful, compassionate and sensitive to all human beings no matter what age, race, status, gender and religion they belong. Flexibility and resilience are among other things I also learned during my growing up years, to cope with the ever changing environment we live because the environment will not change for us but rather we need to learn how to change for the environment.

My most memorable moment was when I spent my time with the special children in Servants Of Charity. It was indeed with a great sense of joy and fulfillment because, in our little ways we were able to give smile and happiness to every single child in that community. Though these children may be considered handicapped they have enlightened our hearts and make the people around them feel that as human beings we have to have share responsibilities to guide and nurture them with love and respect

Global warming has become the most talked-about environmental issues today. As I am concerned about the disastrous effects of global warming that can bring forth to the environment, we are already witnessing experiencing the climatic changes that is happening in our environment today. These problems can still be prevented if we all work hand in hand and be united in an advocacy to save our mother earth. As such, little things make a big difference. We can start with our backyards by advocating the use of biodegradable products as our own garden fertilizers. Let us all be vigilant and be concerned about the excessive use of fossil fuels and excessive emission of carbon dioxide because these are among the contributing factors of global warming. Together with unison and dedication we are the solution to these pressing problems.

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"To God be the Glory".