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Miss Philippines Earth 2011 Beauty Pageant
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Miss Fil Central USA
Cari-Dawn Conejero Campbell

Age: 25
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 120lbs.
Vital Statistics: 35-25-35

My parents have always told me that I was an odd child, often times acting much more like a little adult. I was very talkative and inquisitive, and in social situations chose to sit with the adults and involve myself in their intellectual discussions. I craved knowledge and adventure, and found that in books, devouring them like candy on Halloween. I read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer in one day when I was only eight years old. I loved storytelling so much I even wrote my own stories. I also found great joy and stimulation in other expressions of creativity, drawing, painting, and playing piano. I am an only child, and art helped me be very independent and comfortable in solitude. But that's not to say I didn't play well with other children. Over the span of an entire summer, my godsister and I constructed an elaborate imaginary world called 'Dinosaur Land' and set ourselves to tasks of constructing a shelter, picking calamansi to eat and make juice, surviving in the wilderness, and of course studying the dinosaurs. I loved being outdoors and getting dirty. I climbed trees faster than any boy in my neighborhood and could catch frogs and lizards with the best of them. My Lolo affectionately called me CariBoy because I was tough and never scared to kill spiders or roaches. I think I still am that sort of tomboy, but I've since learned to appreciate the value of mascara and a good spa pedicure.

Some people think kung nag iisang anak ka lang, you will be a spoiled brat. But I think I turned out to be the opposite. We never had a lot of money when I was growing up, and though my Nanay would always say "yes" if I asked her to buy me a book, she would usually say "no" if I asked for a toy. So I learned very early on, that other kids usually had cooler toys, and I had to be friendly if I wanted them to let me play with them! I also learned that if I was polite, their parents would let me come over more often. It's not about toys. I like having people around me and I want to have a big family so my kids will always have playmates. I wouldn't change my own life now, though I always wanted a little brother or sister. I think I've become very successful because I was always encouraged to do my best without having a sibling to be compared to. I set my own standards very high. I also cultivated my own ideas, embraced myself as a unique individual, and as a result never succumbed to negative peer pressure. Some people could call me stubborn, but I prefer strong willed. Another thing about not having a sibling, you can't blame someone else for the mess you make. So I learned very early on to be responsible and accountable for my actions and not to blame others for my mistakes.

I think this question is supposed to be a positive moment, but if I'm being honest, my most memorable moment was the sudden death of my father. It was four days before my 13th birthday and was an excruciating loss. My father was my idol, an artist and an intellectual. He went from being a coal miner, to a carpenter, to a lawyer, to a chiropractor, and even in his 50's started studying neurology. Everything I do in my life is to make him proud because I know he watches me from heaven. I want to honor his legacy and be an amazing person that he wants me to be. I don't know what he'd think of me joining a beauty pageant, but since Miss Philippines-Earth is not just about beauty, but about acting as ambassadors for environmental conservation, I think he approves of it. He is my guardian angel who gives me the strength and confidence I need to shine in the competition. I owe him my long legs. Love you Daddy!

My environmental advocacy is multifaceted as it involves energy consumption, global warming, pollution, recycling, and conservation of our natural resources. However, I am very focused in raising awareness in large corporations, as they are mass consumers and account for a very big percentage of waste and destruction. I believe it is possible to motivate these businesses to go green, because if they do, they can save lots of green. I'm talking about MONEY. Investment in green efforts can save millions in various areas. A company could lower air-conditioning expenses if their building has better insulated walls or thermal film on the windows. Thousands of trees could be saved from deforestation if a company implemented a "print only if absolutely necessary" policy and made serious efforts to encourage recycling instead of throwing away paper trash. Corporations are not just buildings, they are made of people too. If workers see their company making an effort to go green, they may become motivated to adopt the practices in their respective homes and teach their families to do their part as well. Examples like these make me believe that we can secure a healthy planet for future generations. I believe everyone deep down cares about the Earth, but they need the inspiration to take action.

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