Veronica Temple - Miss Alaska Teen USA 2012

Miss Alaska Teen USA 2012 Veronica Temple

Miss Alaska Veronica Temple

Age: 18

Hometown: Eagle River

Notes: Former Miss Alaska's Outstanding Teen 2009 and sister of Sarah Temple, Miss Alaska USA 2010.

Biography: Veronica is an Alaskan-grown beauty queen. She is the seventh of 13 children, four of which are adopted. Veronica and her siblings are all homeschooled. Veronica began Irish Dancing lessons at age 8 and has participated in several competitions across the country. Her love for Irish Dancing has encouraged her to complete six of 12 exams to become a certified Irish Dance teacher.

Veronica has competed in and won several pageants, including the 2009 Miss Alaska Outstanding Teen pageant. Veronica is also a full-time student pursuing a bachelor's degree at St. Katherine College. During her free time, she enjoys hiking mountains in Alaska, sledding, camping and singing songs with her family and friends by the campfire.

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"To God be the Glory".