Sherlyn Ferneau (Seychelles) - Miss World 2012 Contestant

Miss World 2012 Seychelles Sherlyn Ferneau


Sherlyn Ferneau

21 year old Sherlyn from Victoria stands 5'10.5" tall and speaks Creole, English and French. She likes organizing children's parties, swimming, hiking and dancing. She's very proud of graduating from the Seychelles Tourism Academy.

Ferneau pictures herself as an outgoing and down-to-earth person and believes in the saying "Always be positive."

Sherlyn representing the islands of Seychells will compete against other 119 hopfuls vying the crown of Miss World 2012 which celebrates the grand finale on August 18 in Ordos, Inner Mongolia at the People's Republic of China. It is one of the most celebrated and the oldest surviving beauty contests in the world since 1951. If ever she wins the crown, she will stay in London entire her reign and will travel to represent the Miss World Organization and its various causes. Will the beauty and intelligence of Miss Seychelles will stand out and take home the coveted crown?


"To God be the Glory".