Miss Supranational Canada 2012

Miss Supranational Canada 2012 winner Katie Starke
A special casting call was held to choose the lucky girl to represent Canada in Miss Supranational 2012 to be held on September in Plock, Poland.

The title of Miss Supranational Canada 2012 was given to the stunning and former Miss Teen Canada 2008, Katie Starke, a 22 year old 4th year student at the York University where she is a full scholar.

After graduating, Katie hopes to gain experience in the business industry and further her studies, completing her Masters in Business Administration (MBA). American businesswoman, Susan Arnold has been her inspiration to value education and set high goals for her future.

Aside from her education, Starke also values her family. She is the oldest of 4 siblings and grew up in Uxbridge, Ontario.Miss Supranational Canada 2012 winner Katie Starke Everyday, she strives to be a good role model to others by being a strong, independent and hard working woman. She feels very proud and fortunate to live in a country where women are valued and given equal opportunities to pursue their dreams. She believes today’s women can be anything they want to be.

Playing hockey since she was 5 was always a fun hobby for Katie. Her hard work and practice over the years has earned her an athletic scholarship at York University to play on the Women’s Ice Hockey team. She also loves yoga, hiking, running and biking. Being active and physically fit is one of her top priorities as she believes that it is an important aspect of each and every day. She plans to run in a marathon someday.

Starke's advocacy is to support causes that directly affect women such as women’s cancers and women’s shelters. As well, she also supports concussion awareness, an issue affecting many hockey players today. She is a spokesperson for stopconcussions.com.


"To God be the Glory".