Maria Teresa Roca, Miss World Bolivia was Dethroned

miss world bolivia 2010 maria teresa roca dethroned

Crowned as Miss Bolivia World 2010 at the Miss Bolivia 2010 - 2011 beauty pageant was recently announced dethroned as Miss Bolivia by Ronald Limpias, executive president of Promociones Gloria.

Although Maria Teresa Roca was the official representative of Bolivia in Miss World 2010 competition and already competed and placed 4th run-up at Reina Internacional del Cafe 2011, the pageant veteran claimed that she should be sent to Miss Universe 2011 as well, once the original titleholder, Miss Bolivia Universe 2010, Olivia Pinheiro will no longer compete (Promociones Gloria decided that Miss Bolivia Universe 2011 is the one who will compete in Miss Universe 2011 beauty pageant to be held in Sao Paulo, Brazil on September 12.

Ronald Limpias claims that Maria Teresa Roca has not fulfilled all her obligations as Miss World Bolivia, like for instance, not showing up in an important event such as the traditional Boulevard Carnaval, and causing controversies with the press.

Maria Teresa Roca, who is an attorney, sent a letter last week to the modeling agency stating that it was her right to represent Bolivia in Miss Universe because she had been 2nd to Olivia Pinheiro in the 2010 Miss Bolivia contest.

The beauty queen threatened to sue Promociones Gloria if she was not sent to Miss Universe, and now, she lost the title she had conquered: Miss World Bolivia.

* Winners of Miss Bolivia 2010 - 2011 Pageant


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