Helena Riihitupa | Miss Suomi 2011 Finalist

miss suomi finland 2011 helena riihitupa

Miss Finland 2011 Beauty Pageant
Miss Suomi 2011 Contestants

Helena Riihitupa

Age: 19

Home town: Nokia

Length: 168 cm

Weight: 55 kg

Strategic Dimensions: 90-65-94

Marital status: dating.

Work / profession: I'll substitute in elementary school, public relations work and occasional model work.

Hobbies: Painting and Sport in its various forms.
Top side: Enthusiasm and openness to new things and challenges.

The worst side: the morning sleepiness.

What are the best of your looks? Blue eyes and long hair, which increase has taken a lot of time.

What would you change your looks matter? I have you to myself, and I enjoy kropassani, but a few cents, although I could move the thigh length.

Worst met? Big phone bills.

What do you dream? I dream about future training of the corresponding profession. Permitting the life I dream of our own family.

My motto: Today's winners are the ones who decided to try again.

Greetings from the voters: I thank and salute!

miss suomi finland 2011 helena riihitupa

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"To God be the Glory".