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miss suomi finland 2011 pia pakarinen

Miss Finland 2011 Beauty Pageant
Miss Suomi 2011 Contestants

Pia Pakarinen

Age: 20

Home town: I'm from Juuka, currently live in Joensuu.

Length: 170 cm

Weight: 52 kg

Strategic Dimensions: 88-63-92

Marital status: dating.

Hobbies: Gym, cooking, interior design and outdoor activities.

Best feature: Sirous, classic beauty.

What would you change your looks matter? Length could be set for a few more.

What do you dream? That I would be happy and fulfilled life. That all areas of my life would be in balance. Family, work, hobbies, health.

My motto: Do not dream your life but live your dream

Greetings from the voters: To vote and follow missejä; we have for you! Have a happy spring to all!

miss suomi finland 2011 pia pakarinen

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