Iina Pyymaki | Miss Suomi 2011 Finalist

miss suomi finland 2011 iina pyymaki

Miss Finland 2011 Beauty Pageant
Miss Suomi 2011 Contestants

Iina Pyymaki

Age: 23

Home town: Lahti, Finland

Length: 175 cm

Weight: 61 kg

Strategic Dimensions: 93-69-94

Job / Occupation: Fitness Club.

Hobbies: Horse, dog, hobby, gym.

Best feature: empathy, sociability and cheerfulness.

Worst feature: Temperamenttisuus.

What are the best of your looks? Long legs, beautiful eyes and face shape.

What would you change your looks matter? The waist should be getting a bit off and the teeth should be straightened.

Worst habit: Leaving the dishes at home lying on the pond. : D

What kind of things you'll lose your nerve? If someone has to ask people to do things many times and nothing still happens.

What do you dream? A happy life and health of their loved ones as well.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? So far it is impossible to say anything.

miss suomi finland 2011 iina pyymaki

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"To God be the Glory".