Sara Sieppi | Miss Suomi 2011 Finalist

miss suomi finland 2011 sara sieppi

Miss Finland 2011 Beauty Pageant
Miss Suomi 2011 Contestants

Sara Sieppi

Age: 19

Place of residence: Oulu

Length: 173 cm

Weight: 58 kg

Strategic Dimensions: 91-65-94

Marital status: Single.

Work / Profession: Salesperson.

Hobbies: Jogging and gym.

Best feature: Positiveness. I try to always think of things positively.

Worst feature: √Ąkkipikaisuus. Sometimes I might make it too √§kkipikaisia decisions.

What are the best of your looks? Blue eyes.

What would you change your looks matter? I'd like a couple of centimeters in length.

Worst habit: delicatessen.

What kind of things you'll lose your nerve? Things that do not happen on time, as well as non-plow roads. : D

What is the Drastic thing you've done in your life? Participation in this competition.

What do you dream? I could live in a healthy and happy throughout my life. I dream to travel, because I want to see the world.

What do streets of the most in your life? I do not now anything. Sure, there are things in my life where I'd be able to do more, such as matriculation.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? I hope that I have a wonderful husband and children. I'm working on, which I enjoy.

My motto: Seize the moment. Cliche but so apt.

miss suomi finland 2011 sara sieppi

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"To God be the Glory".