Nina Mikkonen | Miss Suomi 2011 Finalist

miss suomi finland 2011 nina mikkonen

Miss Finland 2011 Beauty Pageant
Miss Suomi 2011 Contestants

Nina Mikkonen

Age: 22

Home town: Kuopio, Siilinjärvi

Length: 173 cm

Weight: 58 kg

Strategic Dimensions: 92-66-93

Marital status: Single.

Workplace: Cosmetics Seller and advice. commercial sector student.

Interests: Latinotanssi, running, gym, reading and writing.

Best feature: A positive, cheerful and friendly character. Witted and esiintymistaitoinen, purposeful.

What are the best of your looks? Beautiful smile and feminine, well-proportioned body, exotic appearance.

Worst habit: Small Dimensions.

What kind of things you'll lose your nerve? Dishonesty and disrespectful behavior.

What is the Drastic thing you've done in your life? Participated in the Miss Finland contest.

What do you dream? Healthy, happy life. I hope I can in the future of their own beauty and health-related business.

What do streets of the most in your life? I do not regret anything, because I'm left to take the bold dreams.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? As an entrepreneur, a beauty and health.

My motto: Nothing is impossible if you are willing to work hard enough in front of her dreams.

miss suomi finland 2011 nina mikkonen

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"To God be the Glory".