Miss Asia Pacific World 2011 Scandal

The Miss Asia Pacific World 2011 was held last October 15 at Busan Yachting Center, South Korea and was founded and organized by Lawrence Choi. And for the 1st time in the history of this pageant, there were two delegates coming from the host country. And they were Son Ji Hyun and Park Sae Byul, who eventually won.

Some of the candidates: Miss Guyana (Aletha Shepherd), Miss Wales (Amy Willerton) and Miss Costa Rica (Pamela Peralta) left the competition proper and try to escape back home. They first had a meeting with the organizers to discuss the rising problems and issues within the Miss Asia Pacific Pageant. According to them, Miss China, Venezuela and Cameroon did not participate in Miss Talent competition but have won the award. The organizer said he did not know why and never knew that the girls (Venezuela, China and Cameroon) won. They call the police but after being persuaded by the organizers, the police went away. The girls went to the police station but the organizers did not allow the only translator to go with them. They could not do anything else because they don’t know Korean.

Another thing that Aletha Shepherd complains is for her award of the Best in National Costume with a tag in the trophy "Africa Award". For her, that was insulting because she said that the organizers should be responsible. Aletha is representing Guyana, and yet she receives an "Africa Award", which by the way, Guyana is in the Caribbean and in South America.

The three complaining contestants were on their way at the airport but the organizers followed them and kept their luggage. They were promised to have high place in the pageant if they stay. The airport police has to intervene to let them go.

Rumor around the winner Miss Korea, Park Sae Byul. Her winning is a big surprise to all the contestants. According to a pageant follower, Park Sae Byul is 29-year-old, not 24 as registered. She is a widow, not a divorced as registered. She is 5 feet 3 inches tall, not 5 feet 7 inches. *Note that this accusations have not yet cleared or confirmed by the organizers.

Here is a youtube video posted by Miss Guyana, Aletha Shepherd on her account.

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"To God be the Glory".