Shakell Seymour | Miss Bahamas 2010 Candidate

Miss Bahamas 2010 Beauty Pageant

Delegate # 16
NAME: Shakell Yvia Seymour
AGE: 25
EYE COLOR: Dark Brown
HEIGHT: 5”8”

I wouldn’t be Shakell if I don’t mention how much I love our Bahamian dishes. I mean that is one of the main reasons why I wouldn’t want to reside any where else other than in the Bahamas. I don’t think that I can live without the peas n’ rice, cracked conch, macaroni, potato salad, fried plantains, conch fritters and fried snapper. I’m addicted! I’m also a very patriotic Bahamian, proud of my heritage and culture so I anticipate the events like the tattoo being held for July 10th our Independence Day. I blow my car horn after 12 midnight, adorn my car in flags, get dressed in all the flag colors, and drive over to Paradise Island to watch the fire works. I absolutely look forward to Independence Day! Another thing I love about my country is how the island folk can find a remedy to almost every ailment through bush medicines. Most of my family here in Nassau has originated from CatIsland, and whenever I visit I’m definitely in good hands. My grandaunt has taught me which bush is best for the hair, the bush that will help me get better when I’m sick, and even which bush would give my skin that radiant glow!

At age 15, I wanted to be a pediatrician. Now at the age of 25, I am pursuing a career in a related field, child psychiatry. Even though my career path has changed since I’ve matured, my love for working with children hasn’t, therefore I know that I am following through with God’s purpose and plans for my life. I dream of opening a children’s hospital on a Family Island in partnership with other pediatricians and child specialists. I will also continue to work along with the Bahamas National Trust and graduate from membership to becoming a partner. I would like to someday adopt a child to rare along with my own. My love for beauty and high fashion will never ever grow cold, so in the very near future I will become the owner of a couture shoe, handbag and accessory store.

My hobbies include playing golf (I played golf since age 12), swimming (I swam since age 15), writing (I want to have my first book released in 2 years), traveling, meeting new people, watching cartoons, cooking and baking, walking my dog Lily, dining at different restaurants and of course shopping! I’m a simple kind of girl; I mean the littlest things in life have the greatest effect on me. I am happiest at a visit to Ardastra Gardens or just attending the Bahamas Humane Society dog show. Recently, I have been learning to play the guitar and even that makes me happy.

My primary goal in life is to grow, to prove myself just as or even more worthy today than I was yesterday; to become versatile and to make myself even more marketable so that the demand for my expertise is always high. I hope to never conform to the norm, to be extraordinary rather than ordinary, abnormal as opposed to normal, and irregular rather than regular because mediocrity will never suffice with me; to appreciate and enjoy life and live it to the fullest! My goal in life is to be the best that Shakell can be!

God has bestowed upon my life many great gifts but the gifts of humility, endurance and self-love are my greatest. I’ve come from very humble beginnings compared to where I am today, therefore I try not to take anything for granted nor adopt the attitude that people owe me anything or should feel sorry for me. I’m appreciative of everything that has been given to me right down to being granted the opportunity to be a contestant in this year’s pageant. A lack of endurance and low self-esteem were the greatest issues that I faced as a teenager and I was able to conquer them by surrounding myself with more positive people, reading more, and becoming an active member in self development programs such as Toastmasters. Now these are my strongest assets!

The movie that best influenced my life is The Pursuit of Happyness with actor Will Smith. This movie has made me realize that although difficult times come in life as a test, with perseverance and determination you can pull yourself out. God will never put more on you than you can bear so if you are going through it, there is a way out. This movie has also made me realize that sometimes the people who you think will be there with you until the end will disappoint you and sometimes the only person you will have in life is yourself.

I would like to meet Oprah Winfrey. She’s is a well respected dynamic, powerful, successful black woman, a humanitarian and her efforts are countless in giving back. She has been through what most people would consider “too much” in life but she has never conformed to it but rather used it as her advantage to excel and to make a difference in life. I have learned so much from her.

My mother is my role model and I am most motivated by her genuine love for children and the welfare of her country. She is a social worker who has devoted her entire life to service which is her most admirable trait. By working with H.I.V positive children she has taught me to never discriminate, and she’s shown me how important it is to show love to everyone. She has adopted two kids whose parents are unable to provide and take care of them. Our home has become a second home to less fortunate children, the H.I.V. positive and the abused. When I was younger, I didn’t understand the philosophy that she always tried to instill in me, “Takers eat well, Givers sleep well”, but I can now fully connect to and appreciate it.

I believe without a doubt, that all of my years of wanting to enter this pageant from age 17 and not being able to enter for one reason or another have prepared me to enter at this time. Situations shaped me and experience made me the Shakell I am today! I underwent a metamorphosis, transforming from a caterpillar into a butterfly. I no longer follow, I lead and I am no longer pessimistic but rather optimistic. I’m a firm believer in destiny. God knew what he was doing so now I am more than ready, and even more so prepared to handle any kind of responsibility granted to me on behalf of my country. Therefore, if given the opportunity to become Miss Bahamas, I would carry my title with respect and grace and prove to my country the difference a single person can make. Power is not only effective in numbers, and once we as a people start believing this the more records we will break and the more barriers we will tear down.

I have orchestrated and played an active role in many community service projects such as beach cleanups but my trip to The Island School in Eleuthera has been my most memorable by far. There I learned the importance of subsistence farming, recycling and conservation of energy. With the help of The Nature Conservancy, I have recently completed a research paper on the removal of Casuarinas trees from alongside Saunders Beach which has made me more knowledgeable about invasive and indigenous plant species in the Bahamas. I am a proud member of the Bahamas National Trust where I feel at home working with other environmentalists to help preserve our natural habitats and conserve our precious resources. I also give regular lectures to the Ecology Club at my old high school, St. Augustine’s College, on how they can play an active role in promoting the “Go Green” campaign.
My love for children has also led me to give back by helping out at the Nazareth Center and sharing positive words with the teen girls at the Elizabeth Estates Children’s Home. I have also helped out at the Mary Ingraham Old Folks Home where I styled the ladies hair, fed and bathed them.

Driven, Ambitious, Exuberant


miss bahamas 2010 shakell seymourmiss bahamas 2010 shakell seymour

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