Pilar Arlando will represent Singapore in Miss World 2009

ERM World Marketing announced that the 20 year old student Pilar Carmelita Arlando as the new Miss Singapore World 2009, who will represent Singapore in South Africa for the Miss World 2009 Pageant. She was the second runner up of Miss Singapore World 2009 held on the 31st July at the Shangri La Hotel.

She also won Miss Personality and Miss Abry awards.

Pilar is of interesting mixed heritage. Her father, a police officer is of Chinese- Indian descent and her mother is a pre school supervisor is of Portuguese and Dutch descent. The family take Malay as their second language. She has 3 brothers and is the only girl in the family.

Arlando is presently a student at MDIS and studying for her Diploma in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Management. She speaks English and Malay and hopes one day to be a manager in a tour company.

Her hobbies are dancing, Soccer, Bowling and Archery.

Her parents have been interviewed and they reassured us that she has no criminal records or probation order to keep.

ERM decided not to select the first runner up as the new Miss Singapore World, due to her claims of injury because she cannot stand for long hours. The international pageant will be a physically and psychologically demanding experience. It would be best that she remain to recuperate in Singapore.

Our contest’s agreement does not bind ourselves automatically to select the first runner up take over the winner should the winner fail to fulfil her duties. When such an occasion arises, ERM may at its discretion select from any of the finalists of the contest. In this instance, there were two runners-up to choose from.

Pilar was originally slated to represent Singapore at the Miss University 2009 Pageant for tertiary students in Seoul, Korea from the 12th October to the 6th November. But the pageant was postponed to next year due to H1N1. Since then she has been preparing herself for this pageant, she will be ready to go to Miss World 2009.

The Miss World 2009 will be held on the 13th December in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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