Suada Saliu crowned Miss Earth Albania 2009

Suada Saliu was crowned as the new Miss Earth Albania 2009 by last year's winner, Rudina Suti. She will represent her country at the Miss Earth 2009 to be held in Boracay, Philippines.

The effects of past deforestation, livestock grazing, and flooding have contributed to a rate of soil erosion that surpasses the natural process of new soil production. The extraction of oil and minerals has also created environmental quandary, contaminating air, soil, and groundwater, principally in Central Albania. “Public education about conservation, pollution controls, and recycling is limited, and the government has focused most of its resources on economic growth rather than environmental concerns,” she says.

The capital city experiences crisis related to overpopulation, such as waste management, lack of running water and electricity as well as intensely high levels of air pollution from the 300,000 cars moving around the city. “The problem is aggravated by aging infrastructure and most of the fuel used in Albania contains larger amounts of sulfur and lead than that allowed in European Union countries,” she comments.

When asked about the actions being done by her country, she cites, “In Tirana, it is cleaned by government workers every day, and trees have been planted around many sidewalks. Mayor Edi Rama has promised that he will plant 100,000 more trees in Tirana and by 2012-2014 Tirana is envisioned to have the cleanest air in the Balkans.”

She hopes that her participation to the Miss Earth 2009 beauty pageant will be an instrument to raise the current environmental problems in her country. She is also looking forward to further enhance her capability to effectively educate her countrymen on the environmental issues concerning her country.


"To God be the Glory".