Diana Kubasova is Miss Earth Latvia 2009

Diana Kubasova was named the title of Miss Earth Latvia 2009. She will represent her country at the Miss Earth 2009 Beauty Pageant in Boracay, Philippines on Novermber 22.

Kubasova's passion with animals and love for the environment will be her greatest advantages in the pageant.

In view of the fact that she likes animals, she recently had a trip to Mombosa, Kenya. She visited Kenya with her boyfriend John Werner to gain more knowledge about animals in the jungle setting. They had fantastic views of the ocean and white sand beach and the African savannahs in Kenya.

Diana is prepared to tackle the environmental issues facing Latvia in the Miss Earth 2009 pageant. Like most former Soviet republics, her country suffers from decades of environmental negligence. Soviet economic policies pushed the hasty buildup of heavily polluting industries without regard for the environment.



"To God be the Glory".