Miss Singapore World Internet Popularity Queen 2009

First fast track event of Miss Singpore World 2009 Beauty Pageant is the Miss Internet Popularity 2009. The winner of this event will be determined by voters online, the internet viewers and the highest votes will be the winner of Miss Internet Popularity Queen 2009. The votes have been polled and the winner is Devipriya Seenivasan receiving a total of 10,110 votes. She is 26 years old and stands 174cm tall and works as a Cabin Crew. Devipriya will automatically advance on the semi-finals.

Miss Singapore World Internet Popularity Queen 2009 runners-up:
* 2nd place - Olivia Lim (9160 votes)
* 3rd place - See Wai Ying (8120 votes)
* 4th place - Pilar Arlando (7140 votes)
* 5th place - Ris Low (7050 votes)

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