Miss World Canada 2009 Fast Track Awards

The Miss World Canada 2009 Beauty Pageant is very similar to the format of the Miss World Contest. It also have fast track events where the winner of each category will be automatically advancing to the semi-finals. Here are the results of the fast track competitions for Miss World Canada 2009:

Point Zero Swimwear (Beach Beauty):
Winner: Nelly Hadi
Finalists: Ashley Bursey, Renee Forde, Sabeen Chaudhary

Houstons Steaks & Ribs People's Choice (Voting through the internet):
Winner: Lacey Tipett
Finalists: Gwen Elliot, Alexis Brewer, Samantha Cavanagh-Gill, Megan Edwards

Beauty With A Purpose (Judged by SOS-based on charity/volunteer involvement):
Winner: Lena Ma
Finalists: Laura Chedrawe, Ashley Oullettee, Shelley Matheson, Gagan Chahal

Miss Talent:
Winner: Lena Ma
Finalists: Sapna Sehravat, Laura Cave

Christine's Fitness & Personal Training (Sports Star):
Winner: Katherine Slack
Finalists: Ashley Murphy, Ashley Bursey, Fay Yachetti, Laura Cave

Romika Jewels Miss Charity for Beauty With A Purpose:
Winner: Gwen Elliot
Finalists: Amanda MacLennan, Lena Ma, Megan Edwards, Jacqueline Charabin

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