Miss Iraq 2009 - Meet the 20 Official Contestants

Miss Iraq 2009 Beauty Pageant will be held on March 17 and will be organized by Talat Model Management. Titles to be at stake are Miss Iraq 2009, Maiden of Beauty, Queen of Grace and Teen Queen. Jessica Kadoorie, the reigning Miss Iraq 2008 will crown her successor at the event.

Meet the 20 Official Candidates:

Yael Shlomo
17, 173m.

Adelina Shuker
19, 170m.
2nd year Art student

Alina Sholet
21, 178m.
Iraqi Military Intelligence

Anna Horesh Baher
21, 180m.
3rd year Journalism student

Aure Amulf
23, 170m.
Public Relations

Corina Moshe Haim
22, 180m.
Model & Secretart

Gal Mukamel
17, 175m.

Galit Sharabani
21, 173m.
3rd year Law student

Ilana Herdoon
23, 175m.
Hotel Receptionist

Nadia Aslan
19, 173m.
English Literarure student

Rania Agassi
21, 173m.
Art Gallery Receptionist

Sandra Sassoon
18, 170m.
1st year Interior Design student

Shani Ben Noah
18, 180m.
Model & Gym Instructor

Shimona Gabay
22, 175m.

Shemrit Shemtob
21, 176m.

Sivan Shashora
21, 176m.
Ballet Dancer

Tamar Sofer
18, 173m.

Yania Harun
21, 176m.

Yael Yadgar
22, 175m.
Model & Gym Instructor

Zeena Zahawi
23, 173m.
Fashion Design student

Zeena Zahawi was crowned Miss Iraq 2009


"To God be the Glory".