Miss Panama 2009 Contestants

Realmente Bella Senorita Panama 2009 (Miss Panama 2009) will be held on April 27. The winner will compete representing Panama at Miss World 2009 Beauty Pageant on Johannesburg, South Africa later this December and in Miss Universe 2009 Contest on August 23 at Nassau, Bahamas. Carolina Dementiev (Realmente Bella 2008/Miss Panama 2008) will crown her successor at the event.

Here are the 10 Official Candidates of Realmente Bella Senorita Panama 2009:

Alicia Duran

Ayleen Delgado

Diana Patricia Broce
Reina de Calle Abajo de Las Tablas 2006

Giozulli Cozarelli
Contestant, Miss International Panama 2008

Lidia McNulty

Lisa Talesca

Liseth Diaz
Reina del Carnaval de Panama 2007

Maria Luisa Pretelt

Nadege Herrera
Miss Earth Panama 2007

Stephanie Thompson
Miss Reef 2006

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"To God be the Glory".