Top 10 Semi - Finalists of Miss USA 2009

After the cut of top 15 contestants and have competed in the first round of competition. The judges have chosen their top 10 Semi-Finalists for Miss USA 2009 Beauty Pageant. They will now compete for the 2nd round which is the Evening Gown Competition. Here are the results in random order:

Miss Arizona - Alicia-Monique Blanco
Miss California - Carrie Prejean
Miss South Carolina - Stephanie Smith
Miss Kentucky - Maria Elizabeth Montgomery
Miss Utah - Laura Kirilova Chukanov
Miss North Carolina - Kristen Dalton
Miss Arkansas - Chanley Painter
Miss Texas - Brooke Daniels
Miss West Virginia - Jessi Pierson
Miss Tennessee - Kristen Motil

Watch as the Top 10 Semi-Finalists compete in the Evening Gown Competition:

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