Timeless Miss Universe Final 3: Sushmita, Minorka, Carolina

Miss Universe 1994 Beauty Pageant was held at the Philippine International Convention Center, in Manila, Philippines on May 20, 1994.

Host Bob Goen opened the envelope containing the final question. Him having trouble opening the envelope, the audience watched as Sushmita and Carolina were left in the soundproof booth, embraced each other in a state of excitement, like the best of friends.

The question was asked: "What is the Essence of Being a Woman?"

Miss Venezuela, Minorka Mercado: "The essence that god gave us, which is to love, because we have to give love to everyone in the universe, especially our children, and that is what we do as mothers." Miss Venezuela had sealed her fate...an answer dripping with traditional pageant themes ran her into the ground.

Miss India, Sushmita Sen: "I think being a woman, by itself, the very fact that you're a woman, is a gift of god which we all must appreciate. The origin of a child is a mother, and is a woman, and a woman is one who shares love and who shares and shows a man what love, caring and sharing is all about. Thank you." The crowd went crazy...a sweet and original answer, it left Sushmita, once a darkhouse in Miss India, to now be a potential crown-snatcher

Miss Colombia, Carolina Gomez: "The essence of being a woman is not only femininity, but the fact of wanting to live a life, and not only that, but learning out of it, and wanting very much to let your children enjoy you as a woman, and as a mother." Colombia's Carolina Gomez had been going strong all night, and while her answer did not have the same impact as Sushmita's, it was a strong, well-rounded answer and as judges would look at overall performance, she was still in the running.

The suspense heightened and as outgoing Miss Universe Dayanara Torres took her farewell walk and all of the contestants gathered onstage for the big moment. Bob Geon received the envelope and began: And the second RUNNER-UP is...Miss VENEZUELA, Minorka Mercado! Minorka, not pleased with the decision, did try to force a smile for the cameras as Sushmita and Carolina excitedly grabbed each other for the final moment of the pageant.

"The First Runner-Up is...Miss COLOMBIA, Carolina Gomez! and that means you, Sushmita Sen, Miss India, are the new Miss UNIVERSE!" A shocked Sushmita had bulging eyes and could not believe her ears. Miss Colombia, a very gracious runner-up, embraced her for a few moments before moving aside. Colombia had just gained it's third consecutive First Runner-Up. Gloves to her mouth, tears down her face....Sushmita began her reign as Miss Universe 1994.

Credits to PAWEE of PBKT.

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