Miss Bikini International 2009 Contestants (Page 1)

Celebrating it's 35th anniversary, Miss Bikini International 2009 Beauty Contest will be held in the beautiful island of Sanya Hainan Province, China on May 30 at 8:00pm and will be televised live to more than 600 million people.

72 lovely delegates from different nations will participate in this annual event. Pageant tour includes Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City, Tian An Men Square, and the Beijing 2008 Olympic Stadium prior to the island of Sanya where the final event will be held. Katherine Anez, Miss Bikini International 2007 from Venezuela will crown her successor.

Here are the 72 Official Delegates vying for the Miss Bikini International 2009 Crown (1):

Miss America
Gloria Sophia Almonte
24, 179 cm

Miss Armenia
Mari Nubaryan
24, 179 cm

Miss Australia
Kasey Lee Brunker
20, 176 cm

Miss Austria
Lena Kienberger
19, 173 cm

Miss Belarus
Oxana Nikiforova
19, 172 cm

Miss Bolivia
Paula Andrea Penarrieta Chaga
20, 172 cm

Miss Bosnia
Sonja Pecenica
20, 182 cm

Miss Brazil
Mariana Nues Bathke
21, 172 cm

Miss Bulgaria
Katerina Yulianova Uzunova
18, 178 cm

Samantha Tajik
26, 180 cm

Miss China
Jing Wen Sun
19, 180 cm

Miss Costa Rica
Shirley Vannesa Chacon Fuentes
22, 178 cm

Miss Croatia
Matea Harapin
20, 179 cm

Miss Cuba
Jessica Silva
22, 176 cm

Miss Cyprus
Anna Poumpelaki
21, 175 cm

Miss Czech Republic
Lenka Olbertova
24, 173 cm

Miss Denmark
Cira Muhlig
20, 175 cm

Miss Dominican Republic
Katherina Miguelina Escano Cabrera
21, 174 cm

Miss Ecuador
Lesli Annette Ayala Rodriguez
21, 177 cm

Miss England
Claire Grey
25, 173 cm

Miss Estonia
Anzelika Paulauskyte
19, 175 cm

Miss Ethiopia
Abebe Megba Tesfanew
18, 172 cm

Miss Finland
Hanna Maria Manner
20, 175 cm

Miss France
Cythia Lancien
20, 178 cm

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"To God be the Glory".