Miss USA 2009 Preliminary Evening Gown Competition

The 52 Official Contestants of Miss USA 2009 took part at the Presentation Show or the Preliminary Competitions held last Monday Night (April 13) at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, where they paraded in Swimsuits and Evening Gowns in front of an audience. The finals of the pageant will take place on Sunday, April 19 where Crystle Stewart, Miss USA 2008 will crown her successor at the event. Here are the delegates in the Preliminary Evening Gown Competition:

Miss Alabama
Rachel Philippona, 20

Miss Alaska
Jessica Irene Nolin, 22

Miss Arizona
Alicia-Monique Blanco, 22

Miss Arkansas
Chanley Painter, 24

Miss California
Carrie Prejean, 21

Miss Colorado
Patrice Williams, 22

Miss Connecticut
Monica Mary Pietrzak, 25

Miss Delaware
Kate Banaszak, 24

Miss District of Columbia
Nicole White, 20

Miss Florida
Anastagia Pierre, 20

Miss Georgia
Kimberly Gittings, 20

Miss Hawaii
Aureana Tseu, 25

Miss Idaho
Melissa Weber, 27

Miss Illinois
Ashley Bond, 24

Miss Indiana
Courtni Shabana Hall, 23

Miss Iowa
Chelsea Lynn Gauger, 20

Miss Kansas
Courtney Courter, 23

Miss Kentucky
Maria Elizabeth Montgomery, 19

Miss Louisiana
Lacey Minchew, 25

Miss Maine
Ashley Underwood, 24

Miss Maryland
Gabrielle Carlson, 24

Miss Massachusetts
Alison Michele Cronin, 21

Miss Michigan
Lindsey Tycholiz, 26

Miss Minnesota
Erica Nego, 24

Miss Mississippi
Jessica Lauren McRaney, 23

Miss Missouri
Stacey Smith, 23

Miss Montana
Misti Vogt, 23

Miss Nebraska
Meagan Winings, 23

Miss Nevada
Georgina Vaughan, 21

Miss New Hampshire
Christy Lynn Dunn, 26

Miss New Jersey
Kaity Bettina Rodriguez, 24

Miss New Mexico
Bianca Matamoros-Koonce, 23

Miss New York
Tracey Chang, 26

Miss North Carolina
Kristen Dalton, 22

Miss North Dakota
Kelsey Erickson, 22

Miss Ohio
Natasha Aristea Vivoda, 22

Miss Oklahoma
Lauren Lunday, 25

Miss Oregon
Sylvie Tarpinian, 24

Miss Pennsylvania
Lindsey Nelsen, 21

Miss Rhode Island
Alysha Castonguay, 22

Miss South Carolina
Stephanie Smith, 21

Miss South Dakota
Jessica Rowell, 23

Miss Tennessee
Kristen Motil, 24

Miss Texas
Brooke Daniels, 22

Miss Utah
Laura Kirilova Chukanov, 22

Miss Vermont
Brooke Werner, 22

Miss Virginia
Maegan Elizabeth Phillips, 22

Miss Washington
Tara Turnure, 23

Miss West Virginia
Jessi Pierson, 21

Miss Wisconsin
Alexandra Wehrley, 21

Miss Wyoming
Cynthia Pate, 22

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"To God be the Glory".